Vacation, travel and gifts

Whether you are shopping for a birthday, graduation or for Christmas, if the receiver of the gifts is a traveler, inspiration should come easy. Folks who have to hit the road frequently for work, or who enjoy visiting all four corners of the world, always can improve their travel gear. Wear and tear on luggage is unavoidable and items may get lost when frequently packed and unpacked.

When you intend to buy a gift for a traveler you may have to investigate before heading to the store to pick out your present. The reason why you will need to snoop around is simple: unless you live with the recipient, or are nearby when he or she is packing, you may not know what items exactly are needed or ready to be retired. Even if you drop that person off at the airport, bus or train station you may only see part of the gear.

Top sellers for travelers are compact toiletry & manicure kits. When they are on your shopping list, remember that space is limited and weight counts. Thus, keep your selection simple and lightweight. The same rule counts for travel pillows, security belts, sewing kits, wallets & document holders, flasks, binoculars, portable GPS, etc. if you want your gift to be used rather than sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

Travel gifts are appropriate for any occasion. Newlyweds going on a cruise may be happy to receive pre-board organizers, interchangeable shoes for her and an electric shaver for him. You can also offer them books and videos on their destination so they can prepare recreational activities and scenic tours.

When air travel is a big part of someone’s lifestyle they will always be searching for the next best gadget to keep them busy while waiting in airport terminals. In that case, siblings, spouses or parents who enjoy reading might be wildly enthusiastic about a magazine subscription, paperback books, or a wireless electronic device that stores one or several books. Portable video games, music players & headphones, miniature playing cards and even a counted cross stitch kit can take away their boredom. To keep your cousin, sister or niece out of trouble, add plastic kid scissors to the package. Many airports no longer allow real craft tools in the carry-on luggage.

Don’t forget! Beautiful scenery and exciting surroundings can often be found locally. If your grandparents or best friend enjoy day trips you should be able to find many great gifts for them to make their car or motorcycle ride more comfortable. People who take a meal along can always use a lined suitcase-style wicker picnic basket accessorized with cutlery, plates and cups. For little extra you can even buy a matching blanket, compact pepper & salt shaker and serving plates. On another special occasion you could then surprise them with a leak-proof auto litterbag, cup holder coasters that will soak up spilled drinks, a diaper emergency kit, or a backseat organizer for road maps, magazines, writing material, umbrella and gloves. If you keep giving them enough road trip products they will eventually get the hint and may take you along on their next exploration adventure. Wouldn’t that be just wonderful?!