Romantic gifts that say it all

Although the times of knights in shining armor bravely rescuing damsels in distress have long gone by, chivalry and romance still flourish throughout the world.

People still fall in love and continue to show each other how much they care, even if they no longer slay giant dragons, or defeat a vicious wizard.

Aside from Valentine’s Day, which is recognized internationally as the ultimate day of romance and togetherness, many other occasions arise throughout the year to show you care. Indeed, chocolate hearts, candy boxes, idyllic flower arrangements, and passionate wish cards can be delivered on birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or... ‘just because!’ Even on Mother’s and Father’s Day, precious tokens of love can be gift-wrapped and exchanged.

Men and women of all ages buy romantic gifts. Jewelry, a dinner at an exclusive restaurant, a cruise for two, fragrant toiletries and perfume, seductive lingerie, or adult toys all belong to the wide variety of popular presents bought today. They will be purchased according to what the recipient appreciates most, regardless the price tag.

Some lovers are hard to shop for because they already have everything, or they are rather particular about gifts. If you are facing such a dilemma, your best option is to buy a food gift basket. Everyone has to eat, and who does not enjoy a box of sesame thins, an assortment of European cheese, gourmet coffee, breakfast teas, delicious candy, chocolate covered strawberries, imported or local beers, roasted macadamia nuts, wine and a bottle of Moet et Chandon NV Champagne? You will see, a gift basket never fails.

Another great option to show your partner how much you love him (or her) is by picking out a gift you have to share. You could buy a pair of matching sweaters, or a pair of handcuffs and a ‘naughty’ game for when the kids are gone on a sleepover. Start with a picnic in front of the fireplace and see where it will take you. If that is not your style, you could also schedule an appointment with a photographer to have a set of romantic pictures made to commemorate a special occasion; some people even dress up in ‘Wild West’ or “Medieval” costumes. Then, when the next romantic anniversary comes along, order a digital picture frame so you can watch those incredible memories any time you are together.

Personalized gifts are top sellers. Especially jewelry pieces, like lockets, rings, watches and bracelets, with tender or meaningful messages engraved, are on every lover’s wish list. Simply touching the item will make them skip a heartbeat, and bring them one step closer to you – even if it is just in their mind.

Of course, many other items can be personalized, including photo albums, crystal glasses and stemware, jigsaw puzzles, silver key chains, or keepsake ornaments. Towels, handkerchiefs, bed linen, T-Shirts and sweaters can be embroidered, while digital pictures can be altered to generate the most romantic picture ever. You could even sit on a bench in front of the Eifel Tower, even if you have never been to Paris. With a little bit of imagination everything is possible, even creating a unique romantic gift that will never be forgotten.