The endless variety of Australian gifts

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It is common knowledge that Australia is a fascinating country, famous for its breathtaking scenery and unusual fauna.

Air travel and the great variety of Australian attractions pull in an increasing number of international tourists every year, excited travelers looking for thrilling Australian gifts to take back home.

The variety of locally manufactured gift items is amazing and covers an incredible amount of topics. Adorable toys, urban kitchen gadgets, personalized sports gadgets and general mementos are just a few of the gift categories for sale. This makes it easy to find keepsakes for every family member and friend.

Reflecting its Western origin, the Australian gift industry incorporates a large number of traditional souvenir items in their gift selection. Large shot glasses, coffee mugs or porcelain thimbles featuring a typical down-under animal, with the word 'Australia' embossed in gold underneath are top sellers, next to lucky bracelet & cell phone charms, leaping kangaroo hat pins, surfboard key rings, or metal echidna, wombat, koala, or emu road crossing signs.
Australia is one of the world’s most urbanized countries and famous for its Boomerangs.

Although these aboriginal hunting tools are now-a-days mainly used for sport and amusement rather than hunting flocks of birds, Boomerangs are still in huge demand. When purchasing a Boomerang verify that it is handcrafted from local Aussie timbers and decorated with hand painted genuine Australian motives. Fitting display stand are quite affordable and if you want to complete the gift, add an information book with instructions and techniques on throwing & catching.

Aboriginal tribes traditionally create artifacts in their role as hunter/gatherers. Tourists enjoy tracking down original lizard, bird, snake, and coolamon (carrying vessel) wood carvings. They will look for skillfully made digging sticks, traditional ceremonial items and authentic Didgeridoos. These will stand out for their traditional earthy toned artwork, representing the native colors of Outback Australia. While you are browsing through the accessories and book sections, don’t forget to also pick up a step by step guide so the recipient of the gift can learn how to play their new instrument.

Typical Australian gifts are not only for vacationers. True patriots may find pride in buying a large, glossy wall calendar devoted to images of the country’s unique beaches, animals or landscapes. For special occasions they would love to receive hand stitched wool cushion covers with aboriginal art patterns, clothing imprinted with Australian symbols, celebrities and slogans, objects carrying their flag, or ‘G’Day’ license plates. For house or car, they might desire a key ring in the shape of a boomerang, which was nicely decorated with the image of a platypus.

The list of Australian-made gifts is endless. Aussies with foreign pen pals could surprise their friends with flat, lightweight, easy to post, 24k gold-plated brass Christmas ornaments featuring Sydney Harbour at night, or the ‘Great Ocean Road’ skirting the Victorian coastline. The engraving area on the front of the piece is perfect to create a perfect memory. A Down-Under food hamper to family living abroad may also have room for such curios and other precious reminders of ‘home’. Even a few postcards, which can be framed or laminated, can transform a simple package into a sweet, well appreciated treasure.