Cool gifts for cool people

intro baby opening gift

Tired of buying the same old gifts? Why not try something different and shop at places you have never visited before. Who knows, you may even find a present for yourself!

Finding cool gifts is not that difficult if you are willing to explore and experiment. You could even consider it a science project, in which the mission is to uncover a gift that will stand out from the standard pack while, at the same time, impress the recipient. For example, when your little niece is learning time, do not buy her a standard cardboard clock with handles you have to manually move, but instead find her a talking time-teaching clock. This delightful bedside alarm clock is not only an educational tool, but also a dual-color nightlight. When the timer is on, the clock will have a soft yellow glow. When it turns green, the child knows it is time to get up.

The list goes on. Don’t buy the weather enthusiast an ordinary wood mount weather station, but instead, find a Galileo thermometer and barometer ball set. The cylindrical thermometer and a barometer featuring the world globe etched in the glass are mounted on a wood base and make a great conversation piece wherever they are displayed.

Finding the gift idea is the hard part, turning it into something cool, not so much. Even for the self-proclaimed geek you can find unusual presents, such as a 6-piece mini screwdriver tool kit with belt clip. You never know when or where that next electronics emergency will occur! Nerds may also enjoy an Ewok Wicket, Princess Leia or Han Solo, Mac and Windows compatible USB drive. These ‘Mimobots’ are preloaded with removable bonus content, such as wallpapers, avatars, videos and sound bites.

Your environmentally concerned friends may already have a stock pile of eco-friendly clothes, green shopping bags and organic teas. Why not surprise them with a hand-cranked paper shredder instead? This tool shreds confidential information into 3 mm strips and is perfect for schools, libraries, offices and more. At the same store you may also find solar powered flowers which sway gently up and down in perpetual motion as they are soaking up the rays from the sun, or an ultrasonic jewelry & eyeglass cleaner for those who enjoy their “bling” and want their rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pins to always sparkle. This tool also cleans coins, keys, metal watchbands, dentures and more.

The easiest to find cool gifts for are the adventurers and outdoorsy types. How would you feel if you love camping and someone gave you a solar powered tent? Just send an SMS to your smart tent and it will shine in the dark, so you will have no trouble finding your way back. By the way, it also charges your phone! The whitewater rafters on the other hand, would be thrilled beyond belief if they would find a waterproof helmet camcorder with 170 degree wide angle lens under the Christmas tree. Hide quality drop bags, a new cargo floor & nets in his/her raft and he/she will be having the time of their life next trip out.

Do not be confused by the overwhelming responsibility of finding cool gifts. As in science, you may have to try a few times before your experiments succeed, but eventually you will get the hang of it. Before you know it, you will be an expert in finding those intriguing gifts that will make everyone stand in awe.