Be different – think funny novelty gifts!

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Whether you are looking for a fun gift idea or you want to spice up your own home when guests are coming for a visit, novelty items are the perfect choice.

Nobody will turn down a healthy laugh or chuckle, and funky items sure make great conversation topics.

Although most occasions can be spiced up by a novelty item, inventive gifts usually show up at particular events such as bridal showers, stags, anniversaries and birthdays. They are original and show a great sense of humor. For example, a money jar that sorts coins and electronically counts the savings can tell a groom that his spending days are over and he’ll have to save his pennies if he ever wants to buy another beer after he’s married. Add a pair of handcuffs and he’ll get the picture loud and clear!

At a bachelorette party eyes will grow big when sex dice with pictures, fake boobs, naughty lingerie, edible underwear or a leather whip show up. Have the bride-to-be wear a “little devil” veil with 2 red horns and an “extremely naughty” shirt and you’ll have a night to remember - especially when you hit the town.

Vintage gag gifts never go out of style and seem to be making a comeback. Life-size cardboard cut-outs of celebrities, or the actual recipient of the gift are whacky, surprising and tremendously hilarious. A golfer can receive a golf ball life vest, camouflaged golf balls, or a stylish hole-in-one beret. One fits most! Anyone turning 50 should prepare for many “over-the-hill” presents. Reminders like “old fart” slippers, arouser pills, bullet nose hair trimmers, an inflatable walker, or “old geezer” hair plugs for a receding hair line will quickly point out that age will no longer be kind to the “over-the-hill” recipient.

Novelty gifts do not have to be side-splittingly funny, but should nevertheless be comical. Cartoon drawing and paintings will commemorate a special moment and framed birthday chronicles offer a glance back in time, rejoicing the day a new life was born. It can find a place in the study right above the compact, multi-functional butt station desk organizer. This green or orange ABS plastic & silicone silhouette sits on a white toilet holding your favourite pen in his mouth and a roll of tape in his hands; the metal cutting knife is between his feet. The toilet tank holds writing utensils, while the space between the tank and the bowl has room for a small notepad. Lift the little fellow’s cute bottom up and you’ll find a secret paperclip holder. Now who wouldn’t want such a cute and surprising gift?

Corporate offices and promotional organizations often give away novelty gifts to their customers or potential clients. Depending on their business they may order a bunch of retro striptease pens, silly fridge magnets, foam tools for trade shows, novel tissue dispensers, or original iconic, blue top hat and a jaunty yellow tail feathered, perpetual drinking birds.
Novelty gifts are different from other gifts because they are not always practical, and can sometimes be downright embarrassing. Despite these characteristics, they still rank among the most memorable surprises you can bestow. Think about that next time you are composing your gifting shopping list!