Gifts for every man in your life

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Men are notoriously difficult to shop for, but that doesn't mean it is an impossible task to find attractive gifts. All you have to do is figure out what they like, need or could use right now or in the near future. Young men obviously have other desires than the seasoned retiree who already has a good set of tools, quality golf clubs and has enough travel gear to go on two world tours.

What kind of gift will make it into your shopping basket will also depend on the occasion. Refreshing colognes, premium coffee or a bottle of Chardonnay are considered nice ‘thank you’ gifts, but would not leave a lasting impression if they were given to celebrate an anniversary. In that case you may rather stick to diamond cufflinks, a monogrammed money clip or a Rolex watch.

Younger men like to be surrounded by their friends. You could buy your son or brother an ‘outrageous dinking game.’ The tin contains items like playing cards with instructions for numerous games, pencils, dice and straws. If music is his big passion, find him a new guitar, sheet music & songbooks and maybe even a microphone and recorder. Add a cool T-Shirt and a giant wall poster of his favourite band, or an Elvis Presley wall clock and you will give him the best Christmas ever.

Appreciated by hunters, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts are canvas duffels with tough nylon interior, leather straps, detachable shoulder tie and metal hardware. They are ideal for long weekends in the wilderness. Other gifts appreciated by these types of guys are durable vacuum bottles with double-walled stainless steel to keep their drinks warm, a professional knife set, camouflage sunglasses, ATV muffler silencers or a pair of hunting waders.

What do you give the ‘eternal child-man’ aside from a remote control helicopter? Sex toys, warming lubricant, erection rings and fetish gear should be best ordered online, while video game consoles can be bought anywhere. If your man already has a gaming system you can always buy him a newly released game, a wireless controller or a soccer table. For those who like to be active, a new skate or surfboard, a sea scooter, or snorkel kit may make their birthday quite memorable.

Men love their cars, classics and new. You can pay for a spoiler, a car bra, and viper wheels or take your lover to a local car show so he can admire the latest models in person. If you really want to make his day, and trust his driving skills, offer him a race car lesson. Strapped in behind the wheel of a V8, and coached by an instructor, he’ll be going as fast as he can, as safely as possible.

The practiced handyman, on the other hand, may prefer to keep his feet grounded when he is trying out his new chain saw, laser leveler, power sander, air paint spray gun or variable speed drill. If your fellow is unfamiliar with the “fixing up” experience, you may want to start off with simple kits, which can include wrenches, screw drivers, brake tools, indexed carbide drill bits, a digital torque wrench, or steel tap and die sets.

Not all men are active and some prefer the joy of food and drinks. These gentlemen may be most happy with a beer keg, a bottle of old Whiskey, cheese & cracker gift baskets, sausage samplers and snack trays. If they like cooking, buy them a new barbecue and apron. They will be pleased as punch and you will be too once those delicious hamburgers, steaks and hotdogs appear on your plate!