Five Gift Buying Tips for Men

Finding the perfect gifts for the men in your life is both science and art. The more you practice the better you will become.

Of course, that does not help you when you are first starting out and are desperately trying to gather some intel on your new father and brother-in-law, or your husband-of-two-month’s granddad. In that case, the following tips may come in handy!

1 - Nurture the jock or athlete

Not all men like sports, but most of them will be interested in some kind of physical activity. Look for unusual golf gadgets for the man spending many mornings on the golf course, and buy a comfortable lightweight collapsible chair with “Smack Down” pictures for the wrestling fan. The cup holder in the armrest will keep his drink safe, even when he is vigorously jumping up and down to help his champion win the bout.

Reminiscing about their glory days on the basketball field gets old fast, so why not renew that spark by surprising him with a portable, adjustable basketball goal? If your fellow is still active, stun the archer with a new set of arrows, the bowler with a heavy-duty molded ball and the victorious swimmer with a mask & large barrel snorkel set with PVC mouthpiece.

2 – Charm the debonair

The gentleman who likes to wine and dine you, and enjoys romance as much as you do, would probably tremendously enjoy an acknowledgment of his cosmopolitan nature. The avid reader may like a first print of his favourite book, while the businessman would most likely appreciate a collection watch with anti-reflective mineral crystal & multi-function sub-dials, a pair of lambskin leather dress gloves, or perhaps a classic garment bag with exterior, easy-access, zip pockets.

A lover who smokes will appreciate a box of authentic Cuban cigars, one who does not, may instead be fond of a bottle of refreshing Acqua di Gio aftershave balm or the masculine scent of Jovan Musk cologne.

3 – Feed the eternal child

Whenever you walk through the toy department men will be ogling motorcycle and race car replicas, radio controlled planes, boats, helicopters and other vehicles, and be tempted to hold a collectible Bat-pod with functioning headlights or a Classic Cylon Raider Statue featured in the movie Battlestar Galactica.

The majority of men also love modern electronics. These include the latest video game consoles, home theater systems, mobile phones, laptops, camcorders, and digital cameras and all their complementing accessories.

4 – Cater to his personality

Every man has a personality of his own. Respect and cherish it and give the guy who loves to explore a chance to do so. Book him a trip to an area or country he has always been fascinated with, offer him vouchers for an aboriginal walkabout, or buy him tickets to the opera. Accompany him to an art show or historical artifact exhibition and take him afterwards to his preferred restaurant.

5 – Encourage his hobbies

Guys with hobbies are a Godsend, as they are the easiest to shop for. A model train enthusiast always needs more tracks, rolling stock, bridges, buildings and other scenic materials. The billiard player would certainly smile when he receives a new maple cue and chalk holders, while the photographer, who mentioned several times over, that a telephoto zoom lens would greatly enhance his pictures, would definitely make you the center of his next photo shoot if you remembered his request.

If you are unfamiliar with the men you are shopping for, ask their friends, family or co-workers about their interests. Before you know it, you will find something that will slot them into one of the above mentioned categories. Then, all you have to do is follow the tips provided and your shopping assignment will be finished in no time!