Father’s day gift ideas for the UK

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Father’s Day in the UK is celebrated on the third Sunday of June, which is the same for the US. For this reason the day of the celebration is never fixed. Father’s day 2010 takes place on the 20th of June. Father’s day originated in the US but has spread around the world and is now a very popular celebration in the UK. It is a fun day when families celebrate fathers and thank them for all their care and support over the years. Children have great father’s day gift ideas to show their appreciation. Most children will want to get their father, father’s day gifts. For younger children it is a chance to make their own father’s day card, with their own decorations and writing. This is one of the more heartfelt father’s day gift ideas and is a keepsake that will be cherished even when the children have grown up. The day is mostly celebrated at home with family but there are some different clubs and organisations that put on functions to celebrate the day and entertain people. In the UK, like most countries that celebrate Father’s Day, the idea is to spend quality time with your dad to let him know you care and appreciate him. Why not get the whole family involved. Getting the kids involved in cooking a special something for their dad is child's play and one of the more fun father’s day gift ideas. Get the whole family to muck in creating DIY dishes, send kids to help source ingredients for a fish dish, or let them mix marinades for a meaty extravaganza. A wise man once said that any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad. Make yours feel special this Father's Day with Father’s Day gift ideas that will really impress.


Informative Father’s Day gift ideas are books on current affairs or business and finance. There are also books on history if your father is interested in particular event or time in history. Biographies on political leaders and sportsmen also make great reads.


If your father is a bit trendy then getting him new fragrance is one of the father’s day gift ideas that will impress. You can replenish his signature scent or select a new one that you think he may like.

Sports Equipment

If your dad is sporty getting anything associated to his favourite sport is one of the more fun father’s day gift ideas. Things like golf, cricket or tennis sets are a good idea or if he follows football, a membership to his favourite club will be much appreciated.


If your dad likes all the high tech gadgets there are many father’s day gift ideas that will appeal to him. Things like DVDs, cameras, camcorders or laptops are great. Or perhaps a sleek new mobile or an updated iPod to keep him occupied.


If your father fancies himself a bit of a handy man, there are plenty of father’s day gift ideas to satisfy him. Toolsets and Swiss army knives are a great idea. If you want to get something more an electrical drill or appliances for keeping the garden in order are good father’s day gift ideas.


Buy your father movie tickets for an upcoming movie that he might like. If he’s a fan of the theatre and if you’re in London buying tickets to a West End show for just him and mum could be a nice way to relax. Or even check if any of his favourite bands are touring.

Clothes and accessories

These are the traditional father’s day gift ideas but they are always appreciated. A formal shirt or a casual t-shirt of his favourite label is an idea, as well as accessories such as belts, cuff links and wallets.

With a little thought behind it, any of father’s day gift ideas you choose to give this year will be appreciated.