Things to avoid when collecting gift ideas for her

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We often joke about the men plagued by nightmares when facing yet another event where they have to find a stunning gift for their sweetheart.

The truth is that these poor chaps do not really see their endeavors as a comedy act but rather as a grueling trial, and time and again, dread the impossible task. Who can remember all the gifting rules and feel secure, when many women don’t even know what they want for their anniversary, birthday or Valentine’s Day?!

The following tips are for those troubled souls who need gentle guidance whenever they need to buy a gift for their partner, mother, grandmother, sibling, godmother, cousin, friend, or any female they cross paths with.

• Remember subtle hints that were given throughout the year. Write them down before you forget, in your day planner or any other place you frequently check. Telling you her mobile phone is outdated means that she would like a new one. If she keeps mentioning the grand opening of a specific restaurant in your area... take her!

• Check sizes before buying clothing! Regardless if you are buying sexy lingerie or a bathrobe for your girlfriend or spouse, verify their size. A bra, teddy, panties or bodice that are too small will make her believe she is too fat; a size too big will start a discussion about how you think that she is too heavy. To prevent such disasters discretely snoop through her drawers, or check her clothing labels whenever you have a chance. While you are already checking, keep her style and preferred colours in mind. This gift is about what she likes, not you!

• Stay away from household gifts unless it was clearly requested. Neither your mother, sister nor niece wants a toaster, frying pan, or dust devil for Christmas. Instead of gifts reminding them of daily chores, rather give her a soothing reflexology foot massage board, a pedicure salon kit, a bath & body relaxation gift tote or inspirational music CDs.

• Do not repeat gifts. It does not matter how easy it is to give her yet another bottle of her favourite perfume, the wine she likes or the candles she burns almost every night, do not give her the same gift as last year! Think how you would feel if you would receive the same flash light or cigars over and over!

• Always buy a gift, even if she insists on skipping an event. Despite her protests she will be expecting something, even if it is a single red rose, a small box of chocolates, an inexpensive picture frame, a book of her favourite author, a self-composed poem, or you cooking her a simple spaghetti dinner.

• Put effort into the gift presentation. As insignificant as the gift may seem to you, let it shine by placing it in a fancy decorative box or shiny gift packaging with beautiful bows and ribbons. Use your imagination when wrapping a pair of amethyst earrings, an intricately woven purse with paisley and floral patterns, Santa treat jars, an “I Love You Mom” lighted crystal cube, or interchangeable MP3 player covers. The more luxurious the presentation, the more impressive your gift will appear. Even a gift card envelope will benefit from a nice stick-on bow!