How to win her heart with a special gift?

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So apparently romance and chivalry are dead.

The Princes and White Knights of fairy tales and dreams are long gone, dead and buried, kaput, never to return again. Yet, the modern male isn’t totally to blame for the disappearance. The women of today assert their presence and want to be treated as equals, leaving men confused and taking the word “equals” quite literally. No need to open doors, offer seats or compliment. If mates is what you’re after, sure, high five in the corridor and talk about weekend shenanigans but if you want to impress and win her over, a thoughtful, special gift is a good place to start.

Special gift 1: Flowers

Flowers are that simple, special gift that can be easily picked up during the day and are a simple way of showing that you are thinking of her. Sent or given, flowers can be an unexpected special gift at the end of a long working day. Flowers of any kind are sure to brighten her mood and day. They add colour and scented flowers can flood a room with their scent. To add a more personal touch, choose her favourite flowers, this will impress and make for an extra thoughtful, special gift.

Special gift 2: Getaways

To shake up the monotony of everyday life and break up a week, a weekend getaway can be the perfect special gift to win her over. A weekend getaway is an ideal special gift as it means that you are able to spend time together without being surrounded by the stresses or pressures of work and daily life. The destination doesn’t have to be exotic or far from home (let’s face Paris isn’t the easiest place to get to). Choose somewhere you’ll both enjoy; remember not everyone is partial to camping in the middle of nowhere. Just spending time together is the ideal special gift.

Special gift 3: Jewellery

To really impress and mark an occasion, you can’t go past a lasting special gift like jewellery. Be sensible no need to surprise her with extravagant jewels on date number two that might be slightly overdoing it. But if you wish to cement your relationship, jewellery is a keepsake that is a lasting special gift. Even Marilyn supports this idea, ‘diamonds are a girls best friend…’

Special gift 4: Perfume

Every woman likes to be pampered and perfume is a special gift that definitely does this. Women like to move about with their own signature scent whether it be floral, fruity or musk. It is said that scent is the strongest sense and can therefore evoke memories, places and people. Perfume is an extra special gift, as the scent chosen will always remind her of the person who gave it to her.

Special gift 5: Romantic dinner

A surprise night out to a restaurant is a special gift you can both enjoy. Instead of slaving over the stove, find out her favourite restaurant or cuisine and make a booking for two. A night out is a special gift, where you can both take time out to enjoy each other’s company.

Special gift 6: Something personal; gig, theatre

Something unique and personal usually makes the most successful special gift. Knowing her interests and taking the time to think about something she will enjoy are key to choosing something that will impress and win her over. Some ideas for personalised special gifts are: getting tickets for her favourite band, tickets to a theatre or musical production she’s been wanting to see or even gold class tickets to an upcoming film with her favourite actor could be an option.

Every girl likes to be spoilt at some point or another but let’s face it you’re a total moron with nothing going for you no special gift will win her over.