Are Flowers the Perfect Gift?

It’s difficult to find a gift that pleases everyone.

Every person is different and has their likes and dislikes, so choosing the perfect gift can be a tedious and stressful process. What if there was one gift that would make anyone feel special, on any occasion? Flowers are often overlooked because they lack longevity but are brilliant in appearance with a vast range of colours and scents. From exquisite petals of hyacinth and bluebell to tall spires of Iris, from the sculptural stems of alliums to the blowsy heads of damask rose, flowers can be used to the greatest effect. Flowers can be used to bring a room to life and evoke a mood but are flowers the perfect gift? They certainly come close. The following paragraphs will demonstrate the impact flowers can have why flowers are the perfect gift.

Flowers have a language and essence of their own. They are one of the earth’s miracles and are appreciated for their natural beauty. With the modern world spinning faster and faster and technology becoming more advanced with every second it’s a relief to see that something pure and natural still resonates and has meaning in today’s society. Amongst all the high tech gadgets, are flowers the perfect gift? Well they are certainly an uncomplicated gift, no batteries, warranties or assemblages are required. Just pop some water in a vase and they transform rooms with their beauty, style, warmth and feeling.

Just like people, flowers display certain characteristics; and as with people, we are attracted to some and repelled by others. So much has to do with our own individual characteristics and taste. With so many types of flowers you are certain to find one that will suit almost any personality and appeal to variety of tastes. Yet, are flowers the perfect gift? Well, they can be arranged to suit any occasion or anyone. Florists and people who understand the art of flower arranging can artfully put bouquets together. They will listen to your requests and work with you to create a bouquet of the most beautiful flowers to suit the person you have in mind.

Are flowers the perfect gift to encourage romance? Ok, so Marilyn had a point with the diamonds but unless you’re married to a Yacht owning, gold chain-wearing millionaire don’t expect diamonds to turn up in champagne glasses and on your pillow before bed. Flowers have always been around have been used as a romantic gift to court lovers for centuries. It is for this reason that flowers are the perfect gift, attached to them are a history of romance. Flowers seem to impress in any shape or form whether it is a bunch of daisies or enormous bouquet of long-stemmed roses. Flowers are the perfect gift to flatter and entice a new crush or surprise a long-standing partner.

In times of distress it is difficult to find the words to express your support and sympathy and most often people end up feeling useless when trying to console others. When someone special has past away, there isn’t anything anyone can do to make the time less painful but there is nothing wrong with letting someone know you are there for them. In this way flowers are a symbol of your care and sympathy.

There is no place more sterile than hospital and flowers are the perfect gift to brighten a hospital room. Amongst all the white, plastic and beeps of machines flowers offer a connection to the natural world and brighten any hospital room. There is no better way to let a sick person know that you wish them a speedy recovery than a bunch of freshly cut flowers.

Flowers are a celebration and affirmation of life and colour; their optimistic faces are both strong and fragile. Are flowers the perfect gift? Yes! Pick a bunch on your way home!