Christmas gifts for the entire family

Christmas is about peace on earth and making your close friends and family happy.

It could be the ideal Christmas gifts for an 8-year old granddaughter: a front button, red cardigan in soft cotton knit with jolly snowmen patchwork and green scalloped trim that will look cute with jeans, khakis and pleated skirts. Yes, it is that time of year again, when packages under the tree pile up and a fleet of heart-felt wish cards arrive.

Christmas is about peace on earth and making your close friends and family happy. If that entails buying gifts, so be it. Children are the easiest to please as they still do not know all of their options yet. They lack the knowledge of all the wonderful goodies out there waiting to be discovered by them.

Little girls may jump for joy when they receive a kid’s Santa song CD, a colour & play activity tube with crayons, stickers & posters, or a 10-piece cleaning trolley with working vacuum. Their eyes will light up when they hold a Tinker Bell book, put on a reversible, hooded, pink winter jacket, hug an irresistible plush puppy with trendy gleaming collar or find an MP3 player with interchangeable covers in their stocking. This gift also suits boys and cover designs can be picked according to the child’s taste.

Your little crew-cut rascal may also go gaga over a Mr. Potato head with sports gear & helmet or an M & M plush throw with matching pillow. Who wouldn’t want to play on a giant candy bag? Big brothers may find a skull & crossbones comforter or a tub of mechanical parts to build machines & robots more intriguing. If he has musical talents, a wooden beginner’s guitar, flute, drum set or other musical instrument could be inspiring. He may also like a new bike, a remote control jeep or an exciting board game.

Nothing is wrong with intimate apparel, even at Christmas time. Good ol’ Nick’s appetite doesn’t disappear just because December rolls around! Add a novelty lip balm set, a bottle of channel No 5, and a voucher for the shoe department, and jingle bells will be ringing way into the New Year.

T’ is the season to be jolly, which means that you can never go wrong with Christmas ornaments. Wall, shelf, table, garden and tree ornaments come in many shapes, sizes and price ranges. Snowmen, Santas, angels, elves and penguins top the list, but pets, job and sports related items follow right on their heels. If a Christmas village is part of the celebration, buy a new house, a train set or figurines. Just make sure they are sized to scale.

Guys who have hobbies, are collectors, love sports or find science fiction and electronics fascinating are easy to shop for. They are always in need of the next greatest gadget. You can buy a neon wall sign for the bar or garage, sports card sets, informative books, wireless tools, or a cool dual dock alarm clock with a jumbo LCD. This device can also charge any dockable iPhone and iPod and is perfect for the time-deprived businessman or the gadget enthusiast.
Baked goods, fruit cakes, chocolate candy and delicious home-cooked dishes give Christmas that special feel we all love so much. Don’t forget to add some of them when you go to your next Christmas party!